the mystery of Vanessa unidirectional migration

Liz Day beebuzz at
Wed May 2 01:42:34 EDT 2001

 >Although the mass of individuals move out in one direction (in this case 
NE.....) some individuals move out in all directions, even S.

"All directions" is what I would expect if the species is simply dispersing 
and has no intention of returning before winter.   Right?  It would make no 
sense for it to disperse primarily or preferentially northwards, if that 
direction leads to places its offspring (or their offspring, or theirs) are 
doomed to never return from, unless the survival prospects from moving 
east, west, south, or at random are even worse, which I would take some 
convincing to believe.

Ron says,
"Other comments and thoughts?"

Yeah.   Am I understanding correctly that red admirals and painted ladies 
never overwinter in the north as pupae, only as adults??


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