Painted Lady Migration

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed May 2 13:40:44 EDT 2001

Bruce wrote:
> Painted Ladies arrived in Salt Lake City area about 2 weeks ago. Seem to be
> more in some areas than others. Last migration we had was in 1992. In spring
> of 1992, I followed them up from Arizona in my car passed them and about a
> week later they showed up here. Reports say that they are originating in
> Mexico. Anyone confirming that? 

"Originating in Mexico" is the long established dogma. But to date
no one from Texas, New Mexico or SE Arizona has reported large numbers
of Painted Ladies.The large numbers don't show up until one gets into western
Arizona and the low altitude southern Calif. deserts.  So it could be that
much of the migration originates in these two areas rather than
strictly Mexico. Also, back in March, before the migration began, 
Bruce Walsh reported seeing a major Painted :Lady "bloom" 
in the Yuma, AZ  area (SW Arizona). So these hot, lower desert areas seem to be
where alot of winter breeding takes place prior to mass dispersal 
in April.

Paul Cherubini


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