Phoenix Butterflies

Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at
Sat May 12 11:56:36 EDT 2001

This is a different spring at my house in Phoenix, Ariz.  This year I
have noticed Nathalis iole, what appears to be Pyrgus communis, and what
appears to be Pieris protodice flying amongst the sunflower in my back
yard.  I did not see them last year.  It may be a result of the wet
winter and spring we had, or it may be the result of successional
vegetation (weeds) in my back yard.  Over the years I have notices
this.  One year there was some kind of weed that almost took over the
back yard that was infested by what appeared to be linneata larvae.  So
far this year, though, I have not seen much V. cardui, only a few.  I
saw one earlier this week that was so small, I thought it might have
been a Melitinae until it landed on the fence.


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