Red Admirals

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Tue May 15 17:49:14 EDT 2001

Clay Co. NC is on the north GA line and almost to the far western tip of
Having visited the mountains of Clay County regularly for the last three
weeks and not seen one Red Admiral - boom on my visit yesterday (May 14) I
saw at least a dozen! (My previous nada visit was on May 10.) The elevation
at the area I have been in runs from 3400 to 4000.  I also visited Jones
Knob in Macon Co. NC at 4400 + late in the evening the 14th and the only
butterflies seen were two V atalanta (mostly shade and about 65 at 7:30
est.) Most trees there still in bud phase.

Went out to get the mail here today on the SC coast and saw one in my
yard - first for the year! I have also seen more Morning Cloaks than usual
here so far this spring - at least 5.

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> Jim Mason on Vanessa atalanta ....
> >  Has anyone else noticed a super-abundance of Red Admirals this
> Jim,
> No, not a super-abundance, but I just happened to see my first few of the
> season yesterday in the Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area in
> Baltimore County, MD.  And, they did seem a little smaller.
> Rudy Benavides
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