Melanic Papilio canadensis

Bill Cornelius billcor at
Thu May 17 02:10:51 EDT 2001

I bet it's some kind of mimicry (mullerian? batesian?) where the
individuals in an area tend to a common standard form. P.
bretoninsis(sp?) is also dark. is their hostplant poisionous?

gwang wrote:

> Hi y'all,
> In The Butterflies of Canada by Layberry et al., it is stated that
> "Another distinctive difference is that the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail
> does not have the black female form that occurs in glaucus. Oddly
> enough, the only exceptions to this rule are the occasional all-black
> females that have appeared in Newfoundland, despite the fact that they
> do not appear in New England." (pages 87-88)
> Any thoughts on why melanic P. canadensis are restricted to
> Newfoundland, and what this might mean with respect to the genetics of
> this species?
> Peace,
> Xi Wang
> Winnipeg, MB, Canada
> P.S. V. atalanta, and V. cardui are quite abundant here as well.


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