Melanic Papilio canadensis

Bill Cornelius billcor at
Thu May 17 19:05:32 EDT 2001

um, how about queen anns lace & hemlock, I don't know their family but
P. zelicaon eat carrot tops & Iwas told as a kid not to mess with any
wild carrots that have spots on the stem (hemlock).

gwang wrote:

> I doubt it. P. brevicauda bretonensis feed on members of the parsely
> family, which as far as I know, do not contain any toxins.
> Xi
> Bill Cornelius wrote:
> >
> > I bet it's some kind of mimicry (mullerian? batesian?) where the
> > individuals in an area tend to a common standard form. P.
> > bretoninsis(sp?) is also dark. is their hostplant poisionous?
> > Bill


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