Paranthrene simulans (Hornet Clearwing)

GHG3 ghg3 at
Sun May 20 18:27:22 EDT 2001

A new collector, I am fascinated by the mimicry of Paranthrene simulans (Hornet
Clearwing).  Covell says this moth is rarely found in collections because the
mimicry is so successful.  Can anyone suggest any method I may distinguish this
insect from a real hornet before it's in my net?  I distinctive flight pattern
. . . or any sort of specific habit?

Also, Hodges lists six species of Paranthrene  (Covell provides a picture of
only P. simulans).  Are the other five mimics as well?  Do they range into New
England?  I'm in Rhode Island.

George Gifford
ghg3 at


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