cecropia rearing/predation

Jane Dillonaire jdillonaire at rcn.com
Wed May 23 09:03:22 EDT 2001

Squirrels are definitely predators of cecropia pupae.  I have been warned on
more than one occasion to be sure that my outside emergence cages are
"rodent-proof."  There are many horror stories from the moth breeding
community of those who have had their cages chewed up by squirrels & mice
trying, often successfully, to get at the pupae inside.  I haven't heard of
larval predation by squirrels per se but it would make sense. You may want
to reconsider allowing them to pupate outdoors.  I overwinter cocoons in the
crisper drawer - despite my family's objections - love me, love my dog (or
moth, as the case may be).


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