Monarch Butterfly Sightings Wanted

David MacDonald david.macdonald at
Wed May 23 12:15:06 EDT 2001

I would appreciate hearing about any Canadian monarch sightings.

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

donald.davis at

Dear Ontario Observer (and U.S.A. observers!):

We Need Your Help
This winter's monarch population was the lowest since records have been
kept. (See below.) The spring data Journey North collects is one
important indicator of monarch population dynamics, so please help us
document this year's migration through your region. With monarch numbers

low, we need everyone's help!

** Please report the FIRST monarch butterfly you see this spring.***

How Far Did the Monarchs From Mexico Travel This Spring?
This week's migration map shows the extent of the migration as of May

Please Note Condition of the Wings!
Right now, a transition is underway. The monarchs from Mexico are dying
and the new generation is emerging. When you see your first monarch,
pay close attention to the condition of its wings.  When you report your

sighting, be sure to tell us whether the wings were:

FRESH (Indicating a newly emerged monarch)
FADED, TATTERED or TORN (Indicating an old monarch from Mexico)

This is important information! You can help us determine how far the
over-wintering population expanded this spring. This information also
gives insight into the timing of reproduction for the 2001 season.

We'll be making the next migration map next Tuesday, so we hope to hear
from you soon.

Thanks for your help in tracking the migration from Mexico!

Mary Hosier
Journey North

mhosier at

How to Report to Journey North

E-mail: Simply reply to mhosier at

On the Web, click the "owl" button on any page and fill out a Field
Report form.
(ANY way you report is greatly appreciated! However, if you use the Web
it's much more efficient for us.)

Please Report Milkweed Observations

** Also: Please Report the FIRST MILKWEED to Emerge This Spring! ***
Help us monitor the spring emergence of the monarch's food plant across
North America.

This map shows where observers have reported milkweed emerging so far
this spring:


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