The missionaries are back...

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Sun May 27 04:33:00 EDT 2001

My father's aunt was a missionary sister in Congo (Zaire), but she _helped_
people. She was not only a nurse, but also a schoolteacher. She would go
there for five years, come back for a five week holiday, ... (yes, _five_
full weeks in a row !)
She was in back in Belgium when I was about 9 years old, and promised to
bring me some of the beautiful tropical rainforest butterflies, as I was
eagerly collecting all butterflies I could find. She did, 5 years later,
bring me what she had caught on sunday mornings, after Mass and before lunch
(her free hours).
Some people may not have liked her, I did, and many others did.
Some people like to be politician, policeman, judge, jury and hangman at the
same time. Back in old Europe, a lot of kings and emperors ruled their
countries that way till the 18-19th century (very some till the 20th), and
the colonies were governed that way. A lot of people emigrated to escape
this kind of government, and it seems some others went along too.
Politicians usually will make nature-protective laws that allow the economy
to prosper (money, especially lots of money - also in form of
un-/employment - is a very convincing factor). Other interests are usually
less decisive, and only if a lot of people are yelling, they will do
_something_ to stop the noise (I can't really blame them, I hate noise
My mother taught me that things like pointing fingers at somebody, yelling,
etc. are not polite. I wish more people had had a mother like mine ...

Sigh ....


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