Butterflies (3 spp.) and the F&WS

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Subject: RE: Butterflies (3 spp.) and the F&WS

> To the Lep listers;
>    Regarding the listing of the Cloudcroft Variable Checkerspot,
> anicia cloudcrofti, there was some communication in the the Lep Society
News a
> few years ago explaining the thinking behind the listing.  My memory of
that is
> that at the time, there were very few known populations of the butterfly,
> there was some potentially planned development of the community of
> which could impact the best and biggest know population of the butterfly,
> a campground near Cloudcroft.  The decision was made to try to protect
> butterfly because of this potential threat to this population, and the
> generally  poorly known status of other populations of the subspecies.  I
> not heard any more info on this study, nor the results of the studies,
and am
> not aware of any other actions regarding this subspecies.
> Mike Smith

Hi Mike,
    Is it not true that some do not consider cloudcrofti a valid
subspecies? It seems I remember some associating it with hermosa?  I know
Scott lumps all kinds of western Euphydryas.  My main reason for posting on
this is in ref. to State law and responsibility.  Should not the States be
listing and protecting organisms - esp. when not on "Federal property"?
States rights - and responsibilities.  New Mexico has a reputation as a non
Federal friendly state. Comments, anyone.


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