Heathii aberations

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sat Sep 1 13:39:15 EDT 2001

When looking at the J. of the Lepid. Society Vol. 47:3 general notes
section, I saw that in addition to the note by Warren and Robbins on a
hybrid there is one by John Calhoun figuring a heathii aberration of
Mitoura grynea sweadneri. This reminded me that about 25 years ago Steve
Roman and I were collecting grynea smialcis on Edisto Island South Carolina
and came across two such individuals.

Steve caught a specimen and called to me and said hey look at this. I felt
awe at the specimen followed by envy. He had come up from Florida and this
was "in my back yard".  Less than a minute later the next specimen I netted
was also the same basic aberation!   They were both males and almost
identical - his was more symetrical. One can only speculate that these two
were not the only ones present. I mean, what are the odds that only two
existed there and two Lepsters caught both - within 60 seconds? A couple
years later in 1977 while collecting smilacis in Bryan Co., GA  I took a
very unusual aberation that words could not do justice to. The best
comparison I can make is to the ventral of Callophrys s. comstocki - with


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