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Mon Sep 3 08:22:26 EDT 2001

I really appreciate Norbert's clarificatrion of the "selenis" vs "cocyta"
issue, since we got it at least 75% wrong in our book. We wrote for

"Phyciodes selenis (Wright, 1905)

"Also listed as Pyciodes pascoensis and as P. tharos type B.
Scott (1994) revised the Crescents and provides compelling argument that the
name with priority is P.cocyta (Cramer 1777). Listed as a subspecies of Pearl
Crescent by Miller and Brown (1981). The nomenclature is still not settled."
(p. 186 in Butterflies of New Jersey).

So can we write a coda indicating that it is NOW SETTLED.  Mike Gochfeld

"Kondla, Norbert FOR:EX" wrote:

> On top of the names Phyciodes pratensis and Colias pseudochristina which
> violate the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature; I just noticed
> another error in Butterflies through Binoculars - the west. This one is
> Phyciodes selenis. A thorough review of Phyciodes nomenclature that was
> published some years ago made it clear that the correct name according to
> the rules is Phyciodes cocyta. Cocyta has been used by most authors since
> then, except for those few people who still like to lump cocyta with tharos
> despite the evidence to the contrary. The reason is a simple matter of 60
> years priority of cocyta over selenis. There is an added issue which is not
> yet widely known. Cocyta has a neotype. It is not known if selenis even has
> any syntypes. It certainly does not have a lectotype nor neotype. Last
> winter I read the original description of selenis and it is clearly a nomen
> dubium (name of uncertain application). I pointed this out to a few other
> people who then read the OD and also came to the same conclusion. Of course
> people who do not want to play by the rules can continue to use pratensis
> and selenis and whatever else they want to :-)
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