bugs eating my drum PLEASE HELP

JJCardinal jjcardinal at aol.com
Tue Sep 4 19:56:32 EDT 2001

>I got my djembe two years ago and have not used it for a month or
>soo...mental note have to quit job to get more drumming time...any how I
>have noticed saw dust on the ground around my drum and have observed
>small bug in the dust and in the drum.The drum was imported from africa.
>The bug are about 1mm long (1/32th of an inch). Little holes have now
>appered on
>the outside of the drum. I have tried isecticides to no avail, some one
>has suggested to freeze my drum for a week?!! PLEASE HELP ME MY DRUM IS

I had this happen with imported, wooden statuary.  When I called the local FDA
they said to burn the items immediately.  They were concerned with infestation
of a non-native species.  Being I had quite a shipment of these items I was
required to acquire a burn permit.  These permits are given out first
come-first served.  I was allowed to burn them the afternoon I called. 

They could be very serious pests.


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