My Darapsa pholus pupa

Mark Walker MWalker at
Wed Sep 5 13:16:45 EDT 2001

George wrote:

> On July 21 this year, I was sitting on my northern Rhode 
> Island deck puffing on
> a cuban that was snuck back from Paris by my loving sister.  
> For some stupid
> reason, I set it down on the railing, and next thing I new it 
> was over the
> edge, lost in the vinca.
> I went searching, and never found it.  The sun was going 
> down.  But while on my
> hands and knees, I had the pleasure of watching a female 
> Darapsa pholus laying
> eggs on my Viburnum carlesii.  I snagged a couple leaves that 
> she had daintily
> touched her abdomen to, and through the month of August 
> raised two larva on V.
> carlesii and V. prunifolium.
> Both made it to the last instar, but only one has formed a 
> pupa.  This is my
> first attempt.  What do I do now?  Put it in the Fridge?

Who cares what you do now, all I know is that this is true poetry!

I highly recommend that you get this published!


Mark Walker


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