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> Species are artificial.  They are typological constructs created by a
> being (humans) with an undeniable need to have a name for everything.
> Of course, that won't prevent me from using species names to communicate
> with other folks...
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Now I switch to the other side of the debate table. While the above may
seem totally screwy to us average farm people - Jeffery knows what most of
us don't.  The interconnectivity of living things is just that VERY
connected. (Of course as a Bible believer this plays right to my way of
thinking - same designer working in all.)  I will now quote from Klots
again. "The question 'what is a species?' cannot be answered fully without
extremely lengthy discussion. Let us, however, try to work out a general
answer for our purposes."

(You know someone likes to debate when they argue with themselves.)  What
Klots said is true (both posts).  This can't be done with email :-0 is what
he says here. The bottom line to me is this. In understanding the
connectivity one has to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath
water - get so intellectual we loose site of common since. (I know I can't
spell either.)
 Cheers Ronnie


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