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Yes, and to those that like to whine and complain about taxa with names that
have in their opinion "minor" differences I would offer the following two
observations and then I too will hopefully clam up for the day :-) One:
species are defined by who breeds with who, the animals decide, the opinion
of a taxonomist who thinks the difference is minor is really irrelevant.
Two: I am reminded of the line that I stole from someplace "If you do not
know the name of a thing, your knowledge of it perishes" Of course that is
not a problem when there is no knowledge to perish :-)

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> I do have one bone to pick with what Klots published. It is the notion
> "a species is a population".  If one defines them as the same then the
> statement is acceptable. But my view is that a population and a species
> not at all the same 'thing'.

Well, that was my thought exactly when typing in the statement. I think it
is inevitable the as we get more and more curious about the stuff in our
back yard - that we see the local population is "different" from another
local population. For the brave, we jump in and at times see a definable
evolutionary line and place the populations on that side of the line in one
subspecies and the other side in another. Idle curiosity gone wild?

The importance will be how this reads far into the future.  Do we need to
give names to all these?  Yes. But only as a means of communication toward
the future - not some ego of I got my name on something. Some folks have
questioned a couple things I have described subspecifically. I really don't
care if they all get shot down or some even turn out to be species (which
it looks like one is).  This is just communication to me - as I know it is
to Norbert. But, but, but. Norbert and I are both big on going back into
the lit to make sure the communication is accurate - and into the current
lit to make sure they checked it out before they wrote. If we are going to
communicate on X level then research it and do it as accurately as

I'm going to try and shut up for a while - at least till tonight.


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