bugs in drums

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Wed Sep 5 23:50:47 EDT 2001

>JJCardinal wrote:

>> I had this happen with imported, wooden statuary.  When I called the local FDA
>> they said to burn the items immediately.  They were concerned with infestation
>> of a non-native species.  Being I had quite a shipment of these items I was
>> required to acquire a burn permit.  These permits are given out first
>> come-first served.  I was allowed to burn them the afternoon I called.
>> They could be very serious pests.

>Not likely a unique or serious pest. It's very likely one of the 15 common 
>stored product insect pests (mainly beetles) that have near world wide distributions.

>Some flour mills (e.g. General Mills) heat up their plants to 130-140 degrees 
>with heaters to kill off stored product insect pest infestations in food processing
>machinery.  That's why I suggested putting the drum inside a hot car in the sun 
>for a day.

>Paul Cherubini, Placerville, Calif.

Generally, heat of 120 to 140 degrees will kill stored product pest infections,  if mantained for 24-48 hrs.  Even in sunny South Florida, a car on a hot day would not be able to maintan enough heat to kill all the pest. 

Robert Beiriger
Loxahatchee, FL 
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