Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Fri Sep 7 12:43:06 EDT 2001

Hi. Bill - and all
    I've been down with a bad sinus headache and am just freeing myself
from the grips of that subspecific type of headache - I have rarely
encountered its sister subspecies, migraine. :-) Ouch, it still hurts even
to smile.  Well, this is the first email I have opened in a long list of
incoming fire. The last is first. Such a good post I had to send this brief
(for me) post saying  I like the examples - most of us common country types
relate to things like that. They make sense because we can relate.
    Your last line was.
>        Anyway that's my small contribution to this discussion and I'm
> sure some will disagree but that's all right with me.
>                                                          Bill Yule

    We are like a group of people trapped down in a dark mine shaft. Our
disagreements, while at times loud and intense, are only for the common
good. Our end purpose is the same. All of one's idea will be accepted, half
of that persons, only a tiny part of the kids, and most will just be quite
and hope the activists will get them out of the darkness too and into the
light. But all are necessary for us all to reach the light of day and
breather fresh (fungi free) air again.  I love all this type of stuff and
everyone, especially those who care enough to risk being disagreed with or
even yelled at - these are the ones who will reach the top and get everyone
else out. After the fact (argument and struggle), in the fresh air, we will
all sit down and laugh and realize we have not only been a team  -- but
become life long friends.
    Carolina love to ya Bill.


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