Speyeria Shenanigans and Pieris

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Norbert's stuff is so good we are going to include it as a regular
reference on our TILS website links page.   While I have ya all, I am going
to get with Joe to find out why the hesseli hesseli and hesseli angulata
photos have not yet been posted in our Photos section.  I will try to get
them him to put them up tonight or tomorrow.

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> Thanks Norbert for the pages on Pieris and Speyeria.
> Question to Norbert and others.  I can see differences in the butterflies
> pictured but being a novice cannot differentiate individual variation
> variation between the species/subspecies/whatever.  The references I have
> are somewhat confusing.  Specifically what field marks are you using to
> differentiate these butterflies?
> My question about field marks is not just for my own curiosity but
> even with my limited knowledge of these insects I am involved in teaching
> others how to identify them in the field
> I fully appreciate that my question is hardest to those of you intimately
> familiar with these butterflies.  You just know the butterfly because it
> simply looks like that butterfly.  You no longer have to think in terms
> field marks that beginners must use to get a handle on the butterfly
> they can identify the butterfly by "looks".  I am struggling hard
> a learning CD of bird sounds from my recordings for my students. I am
> unfortunately to the point where a song just sounds like the song of a
> particular species.  My student need pointers to listen for until they
> that level... which they are never going to do if I do not quit looking
> butterflies and get the earphones back on so I at least have the first CD
> cut for them on Monday.
> Barb Beck
> Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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> Subject: Speyeria Shenanigans
> I ran into some interesting Speyeria in southern BC this season. I have
> an image and a request for comments on http://www.norbert.eboard.com
> the heading of "BC Speyeria". This is not an easy group of butterflies to
> deal with, in part due to the usual conflicting descriptions and
> interpretations presented in the literature and possibly also due to
> inadequacy in presently recognized species-level taxonomy. The image is
> large when viewed on the web site. Right click on your mouse to copy the
> image into your system and resize it to suit your tastes and to see all
> specimens in one view. Enjoy.
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