Throybes ID coming

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at
Mon Sep 10 05:13:24 EDT 2001

Sometime this month a TILS Newsletter will come out. This has been in the
"works" since spring!  One of the features is an article on how to tell
Thorybes confusis from T. bathyllus (Southern Cloudywing).  There are 18
pictures of all broods of both taxa. If a picture really is worth one
thousand words there should not be anything left to say on telling these
two apart. Over the last 30 years I have found these two probably the most
misidentified skipper species in collections.

The Newsletter only goes to our members/subscribers. However, the
newsletters are eventually posted in their entirety on the TILS web site.
So it will be awhile before it gets there - though well before the end of
the year. (Of course someone can always subscribe if they can't wait :-).
I'll doubtless let all lepsters know when that does happen. By next season
everyone in the east and south should be ready to have these two down pat.
Curators will probably be taken back by how many they have misidentified in
their institutional collections - light marked bathyllus called confusis
and heavily marked confusis labeled bathyllus - a 50/50 split.

Ron Gatrelle


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