Checkered White in Ontario

Jeff Crolla/Martha Hancock jeff at
Mon Sep 10 20:27:15 EDT 2001

On Sept.9 (Sunday) I caught a worn female Checkered White, Pontia protodice,
in Toronto, Ontario (my first after ten years of habitually checking cabbage
whites just in case!) in a small weedy gravel lot in the city, just north of
downtown. She was far from gravid and I doubt she had any or many eggs left,
although if any were laid locally perhaps there is a chance some will
survive the winter. Also found a fresh female Buckeye (Junonia coenia) on
the 9th, and this afternoon a worn Variegated Fritillary (E. claudia), all
likely brought in by the southwesterly air flow over the weekend. Just
wanted to pass this on as it may  be worth taking a closer look at Pieris
rapae in southern Ontario in case there are others around. Just took a look
through past summaries of the TEA (Toronto Entomologists Assocation) and
there do not appear to be any records from Toronto in the last ten years or

Jeff Crolla


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