Looking for a good Moth id book

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My copy has Latin names.  And the color is excellent.

I'd return a defective copy for a replacement.

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  I find that, while it is nice that Handfield's book has the photos and the Hodge's numbers....it lacks the latin names.  You would think the people who wrote the books never actually use them for ID.  For Covell's book, I had to go in and hand number all of the plates with the Hodges numbers.  For Handfield, I had to take my database (in which I have been busy typing in ALL of the names and numbers from the checklist), print it off, and put all of the NAMES next to the plates (I put all of the plates in see thru page holders and put them in a binder) .  It's rather frustrating on both counts.  (Note to Mr. Covell and Mr' Handfield: we need both the latin names and the Hodges numbers right there next to the image) 
  Also, I have found that you also need Covell in many cases as the colors in Handfield aren't all that good.  I try to do separate ID's using both books.  If they come out the same....then I call it a day.  If they come out differently....well then the research starts.  And, if it "don't come out at all", I put them in a special drawer to be photographed, uploaded to the web, and placed before this crowd - where most of you good folks race to beat each other to the id's.   And, I have a few of them to be posted VERY soon (who's the Notodontid expert out there???) 

  Hi Y'all wrote: 

    You must look up Louis Handfield's Papilions du Quebec.  It is especially 
    good for northeastern US, but also for the rest of North America.  Louis's 
    book is just like having a copy of the Hodges' Check List with 
    illustrations.  No other comes close to the coverage for this geographical 
    ISBN:  2-89000-486-4 

    Published by Broquet.  Visit their web site:  www.brouquet.qc.ca 

    Be sure to visit www.abebooks.com to look for used books.  Many copies of 
    Holland's Moth Book are always listed. Covell is still too new to be common 
    on used book lists, but www.abebooks.com has a place where you can put in a 
    want.  I've this with much success over the years. 

    Best wishes from Columbus Ohio where the cooler nights of Autumn are in the 


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    > Hi!  I'm new to lepidoptery and have a special interest in moths.  I've 
    > tried to find the book by Charles Covell and the one by William Holland, 
    > however they appear to be out of print.  Can anyone recommend another 
    > book which is still in print?  I'd like one that concentrates on eastern 
    > North America if possible.  Alternatively, if someone has a Covell or 
    > Holland book for sale --- please let me know!  Thanks. 
    > Steve 


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