Mike Soukup mikayak at
Mon Sep 17 22:17:07 EDT 2001

Ok now....all of you "masters of the little grey moths" - I need your
help.  Last year I caught 3 Noto's in mid-august at my lights in Severn,
MD (USA).  I cannot figger out what these little buggers are.  I'm sure
somebody here can handle the job.  If they turn out to be something easy
(and in Covell and/or Handfield), I will call myself a dork and be
embarrassed.  But, I'm not totally stupid...and I have spent some time
working on the ID's myself.....unless they are some "form" of another
common Noto.

Here's the web page for the photo.  If you need another or better photos
- email me, I can take them and email or post them.  This is the first
in a series of unknowns (for me....)

thanks in advance......
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