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Dave Green pollinator at aol.comnospam
Tue Sep 18 13:22:36 EDT 2001

Closeup photos are the main feature of a new pollinator/plant database which
has been started at The Pollination Home Page.  I'm trying to document, as much
as possible all visitors to flowers, including bees, leps, syrphid flies,
beetles, etc. I'm primarily a bee person, and I have trouble identifying many
of these, and I'm pretty much lost when it comes to leps, so many images will
be going up without identification.  If any lepidopterists want to take a shot
at ID, and offer any other advice, I'd appreciate it.

Here's one that has me stumped so far:

I'm also going to be adding caterpillar/feed plant photos at this site:
This is a brand new area for me, though I've often noted that caterpillars are
beautiful and interesting photo subjects (and often much easier to photograph
than their parents...).

  I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you can help, it will be appreciated. 

  One of the reasons for this is to offer the images as a service to teachers
and others who help educate people. As long as the use is nonprofit and
educational, the images are available free of charge according to the terms at:
If you want them for commercial use, please contact me.

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