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I didn't get through either.  Rich

Tom Eichlin wrote:
>I was unable to reply directly to Dave Green.  His moth feeding on 
>the yellow flower is Helicoverpa zea (corn earworm), Noctuidae.

Hi Dave,

The sulphur butterfly is the Cloudless Sulphur, 
Phoebus(Phoebis?-check spelling) sennae.  None of the three 
caterpillars shown as thumbnails become that butterfly.  The first 
cat. on the left is for a different butterfly, the Buckeye, Junonia 
coenia.  The other two are some kind of arctiid moths.

Cheers,  Rich

>I'm also going to be adding caterpillar/feed plant photos at this site:
>This is a brand new area for me, though I've often noted that caterpillars are
>beautiful and interesting photo subjects (and often much easier to photograph
>than their parents...).

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