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Dave,   Made the change this time!
There are a few similar species of these noctuids.  My first guess, 
when I saw the photo and the reference to cotton nearby, was 
Heliothis virescens, which is called by different common names 
depending on what it feeds on: Cotton Bollworm, Tomato Fruitworm, or 
Tobacco Budworm.  At least that's how I learned it.  I've also seen 
them often on petunias in gardens both in Calif. and Oregon.  Tom has 
much more experience with noctuids than I do, so I'd go with him on 
this one.  But some of the ones you see in the traps may still be 

Cheers, Rich

>  >I was unable to reply directly to Dave Green.
>Look at the e-mail address and make the obvious changes. It's so the spam bots
>won't pick it up (hopefully).
>His moth feeding on the yellow
>  >flower is Helicoverpa zea (corn earworm), Noctuidae.
>    Ah, I think I've seen it in the cotton IPM traps. It never occurred to me
>that the adults would visit other flowers than cotton, so I didn't 
>think of it.
>    Is this the same species as bollworm, just a different common name, or are
>they very closely related species?
>   Thanks for the help.
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