moth id - again.

Mike Soukup mikayak at
Thu Sep 20 08:01:36 EDT 2001

OK.... it could be that my internet provider (who sucks) had my web site
down for the past few days so nobody could see the photo.  Or, it could
be that nobody felt like clicking on my link (not that it would have
worked).  Maybe, nobody actually knows??  But, I only recieved one
response (Thank you Dr. Adams) about my unknown Notodontid.  Sure,
somebody posts a photo of a polyphemus moth and everybody rushes in to
ID it.  But give you guys a tough one.... ;-)  (just kidding!)

Anyway, Dr. Adams feels that it is probably of the Genus Hyperaeschra.
There are only 2 species according Hodges (georgica and tortuosa).  H.
georgica is very common and well known.  However, I can't find a photo
of H. tortuosa anywhere.  There is not one at the "Moths of NA" site.
And, Jeff Snyders list points to a non-existant photo.  So, once again,
the photo of my unknown Notodontid is at the site:

Any help would be appreciated.  It is 1 male and 2 females.  All 3
caught in March and April of 1998 in Severn, MD - between Balto and DC.
IF you want me to email you the photo...just ask.

Thanks again...
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