Odds and Sods

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Sat Sep 22 13:05:44 EDT 2001

Mark Walker mentioned "There was an absolute explosion of Atalopedes campestris
(Sachem), though, so I was more than occupied anyway. I don't know if the Sachem
is a breeding resident or not, but it sure is having a healthy brood up here
now. "

Sachem is having a banner year in NJ as well.  At our home in Somerset, NJ we
have been finding 10-20 in the yard for the past 3 wks, nectaring on a variety
of plants, but usually on Buddleia or on Black Knapweed.  In the clearing behind
our house where Knapweed is abundant, we have been finding 50-100 Sachems,
mostly on Knapweed.

They were common August, but particularly since early Sept, and they were quite
fresh at the time they were first noted in large numbers.

Yesterday (9/21/01) at the NJ Audubon Center in Goshen, NJ (near Cape May) we
estimated about 150 Sachems on lots of different flowers. They were mostly on
Pycnanthemum muticum (a Mountain Mint) and on a horticultural variety of New
England Aster, and remarkably seemed to ignore the Buddleias.

Mike Gochfeld


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