Handfield's Le Guide des Papillons du Quebec

James Kruse fnjjk1 at uaf.edu
Wed Sep 26 12:18:42 EDT 2001

Broquet says there will be another run in April or May.

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on 9/25/01 8:57 PM, Lynn Scott at LynnScott at heiconsulting.com wrote:

> I think the first printing of the first edition of Le Guide des Papillons
> du Quebec was a very small print run, at least for the scientific
> edition, so not surprising if it is sold out.  If there is enough demand
> out there, why not try asking the publisher, Broquet, if it would be
> possible to do a second printing?  I do know it will be a good long time
> before I'll be finished with my copy, by which time it would be in a very
> thoroughly used condition.
> Lynn Scott


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