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Mike Tyner mtyner4 at
Thu Sep 27 22:25:03 EDT 2001

With all deference to those opinions already expressed I would tell anyone
who is looking to look very seriously at the Nikon Coolpix cameras.  I have
a 990 (now out of production—current model is 995) and have no regrets about
the resolution you can obtain.  There are 4 different resolution settings
available.  The fine setting will give you a file that is 16 mb in size.  I
use the basic setting almost exclusively and have had some images (not leps
though) published.  These images in basic can be enlarged to 8 x 10 with no
trouble at all.  You can do close-up (macro) down to less than 1 inch.  If
you choose to go to the newest models at between 5 and 6 mega pixels you
will pay considerably more.  I paid $899.00 for mine a year ago and the new
model can be found in the magazine ads for $500 to $600.

A great advantage of this camera is the rotatable lense section.  It makes
for being able to get some shots you would otherwise pass up.

In addition, there are add-on lenses available as well.

Have a Great and Glorious Day


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