TILS news issue

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sun Sep 30 05:22:08 EDT 2001

Good day.  For those who may not known, the September issue of TILS News
has been available on line for about a week at http://www.tils-ttr.org ,
just click on "News".  Our newsletters are posted in their entirety.  One
of the items in this issue is a brief text and 18 picture key to
identifying Throybes confusis and T. bathyllus.  This mini article should
bring total clarity to the seasonal identification of these two species in
the eastern US as it is the most definitive published analysis on these two
anywhere.  Not only will the information and pictures facilitate certain
field identification, it will also allow museum curators to sort "odd"
specimens of these two properly to species without dissection.
Ron Gatrelle


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