Exotic butterfly in Derby - what is it?

Xi Wang xiwang at sprint.ca
Sun Sep 30 15:04:09 EDT 2001

I'm not completely sure about this, but what the enquirer saw may have
been Cethosia cydippe (the London Butterfly House currently houses this
species).  The patches of orange are bigger than those in the picture,
but this is the closest thing I knew.  I don't suppose he saw the
underside of specimen?
There's a nice photo here http://www.ozbutterflies.com/redlacewing.html

Xi Wang

Bill Grange wrote:
> An enquirer has reported to me what is obviously a sighting of an escaped
> exotic butterfly in Derby, England, this month.  He did a basic colour
> sketch, but I have been unable to find a species which even resembles it.
> Can anyone help with a possible identification? Picture and more information
> is at webpage:
> http://www.elmgrove2.freeserve.co.uk/index-page6.html
> Bill Grange


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