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I am potentially going to Northern India for a month in summer 2002. The
area I'm visiting is Himachal Pradesh, Spiti/Kinnaur region to avoid the
Monsoon rains. Does anyone have any butterfly information on this part of
the world? There is a book 'The butterflies of the Himalaya' by Mani 1986,
can't find much information on it. How comprehensive is it? Does it cover
the area I've mentioned? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm not sure about the book you mention.  I do know there is a book that
covers butterflies of Nepal which might be of use (same part of the world
etc).  I think the full title is 'Field Guide to Nepal's Butterflies' by
C.Smith.  I don't have a copy myself, I would try Ian Johnson at Ian
Johnson Natural History Books (formerly Pemberly Books), I know he has had
this in stock in the past.  Ian can be reached at ij at pembooks.demon.co.uk




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