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> Ron, My suggestion that your efforts to post common names for subspp.
were a "waste" of time was quite undiplomatic. However, I don't see the
following names posted to one of your web sites being widely adopted:
> Strymon melinus melinus - Gray Hairstreak
> Strymon melinus humuli - ? Gray Hairstreak
> Strymon melinus franki - Frank's Gray Hairstreak
> Strymon melinus pudicus - Modest Hairstreak
> Strymon melinus setonia - Seton Lake hairstreak
> Strymon melinus atrofasciatus - Black-banded Hairstreak

1) First, this is not "my" web site(s).  It is the web site of The
International Lepidoptera Survey.  Do you call the NABA web site
Glassberg's?   USGS, Stanford's?  The continual reference to things TILS as
"Ron Gatrelle's," by some people, is a good physiological ploy to undermine
its whole.  But hey, those who don't like (or understand) NABA do the same
thing -- Jeff's little club kind of thing.

2) I am just the person doing (working on, coordinating, filtering,
uploading) the SC-NABN area of the TILS web site.

3) I don't see a point in your statement.  It is just a personal opinion -
which you are totally entitled to.  And you may well be correct.  However,
if they are or are not employed will realistically depend mostly on whether
NABA's powers that be have a positive or negative attitude toward them .
(For the last 10 years it has be un-embracive if not negative - certainly
not positive since they have had nothing to do with them.)

Speaking of the above common names, you realize I am sure from _your_ copy
of Miller et al, that they are _ALL_ directly from that Official List.  So
since I have nothing to do with them, perhaps you should address this
statement to Dr. Miller and also Dr. Shields (who was the primary complier
of the Hairstreak names), also Cliff Ferris, Roy Kendall, Bryant Mather,
Paul Opler, Bob Pile and Jim Scott who all reviewed these particular names
before the were published in the Official List.

The fact is, that you're actually questioning the judgment of these
esteemed people who put one heck of a lot of time and effort into that
Official List.   If just any one of those people had posted those names on
a web site we would not be hearing one peep out of you or anyone else.
Well, guess what.  That is who the nay-sayers are poo-pooing.  Such
esteemed people should have known better than to have wasted their precious
time on such a stupid thing.  And how dumb was the Smithsonian to publish
such a silly bunch of common names that no one was ever going to use. Doh!

Ron Gatrelle


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