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It is unfortunate that you have BioQuip light traps. However, BioQuip offers 
two types of timers. Catalogue No. 2847 A (AC) and 2647 B (DC) Programmable 
Timer (Price $194.70), and No. 2835 12 Volt, DC Timer which requires program 
cards (Price $65.00). 

If you would have purchased your light traps from this guy in Georgetown, 
Kentucky, you may not have required a timer, unless it is to study flight 
period occurrence, etc.

My timers will not work with BioQuip Traps. Sorry.


Leroy C. Koehn
202 Redding Road
Georgetown, Kentucky
USA          40324-2622
Tele.: 502-570-9123
Cell: 502-803-5422
E-mail: Leptraps at

Manufacture of the finest light traps!

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