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You wrote:
...inundated with birdwatchers recording every robin, finch, duck, etc. that
they see; quickly gets boring...SNIP....Let's take a leaf from the birders
and report more on species distribution in time and space and less on MV vs.

So, you are suggesting that we report long boring lists of moths vs
interesting discussions of equipment like the birding listserve?  
Sorry, I could not resist teasing!
{ ;>)

Seriously, my Wisconsin bird listserver frequently covers recommendations
for binoculars, spotting scopes, film and video cameras, books, and much
more.  I think it makes for a more interesting and valuable site.  So, my
vote is for more equipment discussions combined with more observations that
include some ecology notes when possible.  

If people don't like the subject at hand, they can use the delete button
like I do when I am not interested.......

That's my two or three cents worth! 

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