Debunking Lynxgate

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Sat Apr 6 16:55:14 EST 2002

Hi everyone,
   Sorry to get political here.  I would have never brought this up if it hadn't come up but I couldn't let the hysterical, chest-thumping anti-environmentalism of Peter Dupont's propaganda piece, "Coloring the Data: Greens get caught red handed committing scientific fraud." go completely unanswered.  The enclosed link goes to an article by Outside Magazine that presents another interpretation of the salient "facts" about the so-called lynx hair fraud. Now I don't claim to know the whole story nor do I condone skewing data for any purpose.  I do know that the McCarthy-like self-righteousness of the absolute presumption of guilt by Mr. Dupont betrays a vicious anti-environmental agenda that cares nothing for the facts of the matter and rejoices in the opportunity to launch a diatribe of fear and loathing against environmental protection in general and the Endangered Species Act in particular.  I find it more than a little disturbing that a far flung coalition of radical-right anti-environmentalists have embraced the unsubstantiated headlines of this incident as Gospel and are using it as their Watergate to discredit the entire science of habitat protection and to demonize wildlife biology.
                                         Bill Yule
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