caterpillar identifications

Richard Seaman r_seaman at
Mon Apr 8 21:38:24 EDT 2002


    When I was first trying to identify this caterpillar I thought it
was Acronicta funeralis, but I thought I came across some photos of
other species which looked very similar, so I figured it was better to
leave it unidentified, rather than misidentify it.

    However, now that I search again, I can't find any other
similar-looking caterpillars, so I'll go with Acronicta funeralis, and
someone can correct me if I'm wrong!

    To your knowledge, are there other caterpillars which look like
this, and if so, then how does one distinguish Acronicta funeralis
from the others?  I'm starting to think that I just got confused
somehow, and this was the only reasonable identification all along!



"Alex Segarra" <policydad at> wrote in message news:<a8s1bn$243q$1 at>...
> Richard:
> The paddle caterpillar is Acronicta funeralis.
> Good luck, Alex
> "Richard Seaman" <r_seaman at> wrote in message
> news:e85e72ef.0204051800.1ecb031a at
> > folks,
> >
> > If anyone can identify any of the unidentified caterpillars on this
> > page, then I'd be most grateful:
> >
> >
> >
> > And if you can correct any misidentified caterpillars, then I'd be
> > somewhat less than most grateful, but grateful nonetheless.
> >
> > thanks,
> >
> > Richard.


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