Speaking of neotropical haristreaks

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Fri Apr 12 17:30:56 EDT 2002

    I note that in the Acknowledgments in the recent Robbins/Nicolay paper
that Jeff Glassberg is one of those thanked for "loan or gift of
specimens".  Now these are obviously dead butterflies.   I doubt if you
would have any info on this but perhaps someone else on the list here
    This would sure look like Jeff, at one time at least, was going down
and collecting tropical butterflies.  I know he doesn't collect now, or
sure don't think so.  But I thought that he never collected after boyhood
(as an adult).  Perhaps this is a misprint --  if so it is a dozy.  Perhaps
it is another J. Glassberg.



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