vaportape strips in bucket traps

Eric H. Metzler spruance at
Fri Apr 12 22:51:37 EDT 2002


They don't have great knock down power, but they will kill given time. 
If you use them, you should also use a small amount of something to 
knock down the specimens, or crumple some newspaper or paper towel for 
the specimens to climb into while dying. Especially for beetles, you'll 
want to keep the moths up and away from the constant crawling. 
Newspaper or paper town can do this.

Have you no source for ethyl acetate?  It is a common chemical.  I buy 
it in Columbus in 5 gallon buckets and it doesn't cost too much.  You 
can get it from commercial chemical supply companies. There are several 
sources in Columbus, Ohio.

When you handle the vaportape, always wear rubber gloves, and a 
breathing mask is a good idea.  This stuff can cause sever nerve damage 
(which can be counteracted in time) but the long term affects could be 
very dangerous for a young man like yourself.  Be very careful.

Good luck,

Eric Metzler writing from Columbus Ohio where it is finally warming up. 
  I went baiting last night and found some Lithophane and Eupsilia, as 
well as several Tortricidae.

KBliss0568 wrote:

>     Does anyone know how effective vaportape strips would be
> for use in a uv bucket trap, as an alternative to ethyl acetate?
> Hey, when you run out, you just can't stop mothing. 
>     I'll store them in ziplocks when not in use.  Any idea how
> long these things keep their knock out power?  I'm sure they'll
> work - they do great in phermone traps.  Just wondering if any
> one else has been using them this way and how well they work.
> Ken Bliss


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