Germinating Aristolochia tagala seeds

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Hi Rudy,

I grow 15 different species of Aristolochia and have found the following:

1. The seed does not remain viable for very long.
2. The seeds take a long time to germinate.
3. Use a neutral soil...they will grow in very acid to very alkaline
soil...but I find neutral works best to germinate!
4. Always quicker in a propagator with a gentle bottom heat.
5. When established I use a very weak tomato fertiliser very sparingly!


P.S. I don't bother with A. elegans, Battus are very tolerant but many
Aristolochia feeders like Parides & Atrophaneura won't touch it!
a couple of real good all rounders (If you can find them) to grow are A.
triangularis & A.triobata...these are evergreen...grow large and quickly,
grow well in a good sized pot but need to kept inside in the winter if you
experience frost. They are both nice plants and I use them as attractive
houseplants in the winter and they do well in very low light conditions.

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> Help!  How do you germinate aristolochia tagala seeds?  How long does
> it usually take for a seedling to grow?
> I overfertilized my very lush Aristolochia tagala and Aristolochia
> elegans and I have to restart again.  I used a sustained release
> fertilizer and they killed all my vines.
> Now I'm back to zero.
> Thanks.
> Rudy
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