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Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Sun Apr 14 01:10:38 EDT 2002

June 15th 2002 is the date set for the 4th National Moth Night in the UK.
Last year recording took place at over 400 locations in the UK,  plus (an
undefined number of) traps operated in India, USA and one in Hong Kong -
generating in excess of 14,000 records.  How about keeping (or expanding)
the international theme? If you are prepared to run a trap on this night,
take a look at www.atroposuk.co.uk for further details. Hong Kong will have
at least one location contributing to the overall "picture" this year.


                   Roger Kendrick

The above message is one of the first posted on a new list serve decicated
to and restricted to moths.  Many of us are generalists while others are
specialists.  There is a need for all types of Lepidoptera related list
serves.   For the moth specialist, wading through and filtering out all the
of-no-interest messages can be a hassle.  TILS-moth-rah is noting but
moths, moths, and more moths.

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The group is only one day old.  Today is day two.


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