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Sun Apr 14 16:00:18 EDT 2002

--- Paul Cherubini <monarch at saber.net> wrote:
> Paul Cherubini wrote:
> > The next step could be a NAFWA (North America Flower Watchers
> Assn.)
> > It's purpose would be to discourage flower collecting and picking
> unless
> > individuals have a scientific permit for such collecting.
> Looks like NABA has already addressed that issue:
> http://www.saber.net/~monarch/flowers.jpg
> Paul Cherubini


While fearing the intense non-consumptive use which appears to
emanate from NABA's founder, I feel that the NABA Eugene-Springfield 
Field Trip Guidlines you have archived are not indicative of any
unreasonable philosophy. It would not be good PR for any organized
group to descend to an area and everyone pick bouquest of flowers.
There explanation of using nets where needed to ID is not extreme
either. If anything, it is quite reasonable for a group that recruits
the masses (or tries to) and promotes non-consumptive use. 

I like anything (facts, data, hearsay, etc.) That helps demonstrate
the inconsistencies and bias as well as the one-upmanship qualitys of
their founder the *SOB Jeff Glassberg. Again, with "out of context"
material we fall short...again Paul. 


Of course if you use this out of context, Paul...we BOTH die! ;)

Your reluctant friend,


PS: I like the idea of the NAFSA (North American Flower Sniffer's
ASSocitation) Me stinks that would be a good one. since NA incudes
Quebec, Rene could be in it. He (I concede) could lay in the grass
and smell the daisies. That would be a nice "performance". 
My best to you, Petter :).

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