Holly D Tunning Canfield hdt at
Mon Apr 15 11:59:54 EDT 2002

Thank you Brian!!!

I do believe that is my moth!!!  I found it here :
/noctuidae/agaristinae/psychomorpha/ for anyone else who wants to see it!!!

Thanks so much!

I'll be sticking around the Lepidoptera list.  I'm fascinated with being
able to identify everything around me!

Holly Canfield
Buckhannon, WV

Brian Scholtens said:
> Holly,
> Your moth sounds like a day-flying species known as the Grape Epimenis,
> Psychomorpha epimenis.  It is fairly common in early spring and
> commonly feeds at fluids other than nectar (often dung or urine).  On
> your hand it was probably going after perspiration.  This species is
> pictured in the out-of-print Peterson moth guide.  It would be
> available at your local library probably and you could check it out.
> Brian Scholtens

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