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Joel -
The chemical referred to is atrazine.  Is this sold under the brand name
A lot of  Roundup is used out our way to control desert broom (bacharis
sarathroides), an native shrub that colonizes disturbed soils.  Since we
live next to a wash we have a lot of it.  It is an excellent nectar plant
for butterflies, native bees and other insects, so we like it - and we don't
use poison on our property - but almost everybody else does.
We also have had frogs in our small pond for about a year but have yet to
see egg masses.  I know the previous property owner used Roundup - he left
some in the garage, but this was pre- 1998.
Hopefully atrazine is not Roundup!

Hank Brodkin
Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ
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SouthEast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA)
"Butterflies of Arizona - a Photographic Guide"
by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin and Hank Brodkin
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