In need of a field partner

Ryan rvandermoor at
Tue Apr 16 15:05:53 EDT 2002

Dear Lepsters....

I will be joining my friend Leslie Ries in Austin Texas for 9 days from May
We will be spending our time on Fort Hood and doing some exploring, sampling
and private collecting there.  I know that Leslie would like to spend about
days near the end of our trip sampling three different habitat types for
variety of
butterfly species and abundance of those species.

Prior to this I/we have some free time and was wondering if there was anyone
in the area that was interested in accompanying us once or twice in the
Neither Leslie or I have been to Texas before and were hoping that there was
someone interested in giving us an intro to some of the species that we are
framiliar with as well as any tips on field identification etc.  There
should be no
need to worry about permits to collect on the Fort, as I believe that has
been taken
care of.

As well I would be very keen on hooking up with anyone willing to light trap
the Fort or surrounding area.  I would prefer not to have to drag a bunch of
light trap
equipment half way across North America and have to rent a generator, so if
there is
anyone that has equipment and would be interested in setting up a trap once
or twice
on he Fort or in a surrounding area with me, I would be greatly

If you are interested please reply to me, and we will talk about dates etc.

Thanks for your time, and happy buggin'

Ryan Vandermoor
Vancouver, Canada
(604) 944-1095
rvandermoor at


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