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>Could you please post the Vanessa Project again.
>Ed Reinertsen

Leps-L members,

I am posting this message again in response to Ed's request, and for the 
benefit of others who may have been interested, but missed it the first time.

Thank you,
Royce Bitzer
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This message is to announce the start of the 2002 _Vanessa_ Butterfly 
Migration Project.  In a way similar to Journey North's Monarch tracking, 
we will be mapping migration and seasonal distribution of four _Vanessa_ 
butterflies in North America:

Red Admiral (_Vanessa atalanta_)
Painted Lady (_Vanessa cardui_)
American Lady (_Vanessa virginiensis_)
West Coast Lady (_Vanessa annabella_)
1.      We are looking for observers to tell us the first date that they 
see (or have seen) any of these butterflies in their area, and the numbers 
seen that day.  If the butterfly was a permanent winter resident in your 
area this year, please tell us likewise.

2.      If there are noticeable directional migrations of these species 
this year, we would appreciate your reports of these migrations.

3.      Reports of presence or abundance of these butterflies later in the 
season are also welcome.  We encourage multiple observations from the same 
Please include your full name, e-mail address, the location from which you 
observed, and the date or dates when you see these butterflies.  For 
evident directional migrations, please include also the direction toward 
which they seem to be moving.  A rough estimate of how frequently they are 
passing through (for example, 10 butterflies over 20 minutes) would also be 
helpful, as would notes on temperature, wind speed and direction, and type 
and extent of cloud cover.

For more information about this project and how to report your 
observations, see the Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site

Select the links "Help track the 2002 North American Migrations" and "How 
to Report Your Observations."  We are taking observations through e-mail 
(mariposa at at the moment, but hope to have a reporting form and 
database available soon to make reporting easier.

We already have results from this year.  A link to a map showing sightings 
of the first Red Admiral of the 2002 season can be found at

We have also included maps of the progress of the large spring 2001 Red 
Admiral and Painted Lady migrations, which can be reached from

If you have observations from last year that you would like to share, 
please feel free to send these to us also.  We will add them to the 
existing maps.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Royce J. Bitzer
mariposa at

Dept. of Entomology
113A Insectary
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa  50011
Phone: (515) 294-8663

The Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site
A web site to encourage and coordinate
field studies of territorial behavior
and migration of Vanessa butterflies                
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