Leps-L and vulgar comments

Leptraps at aol.com Leptraps at aol.com
Mon Apr 22 22:45:41 EDT 2002

Try this!

I learned about Paul when I first signed on to this list several years ago. I 
originally found him offensive and at times down right disgusting. Then I 
realized that he actually believes what he promotes. It is no win with Paul. 
You can come right at him and he will fend of the shot and come at you again. 
And, you cannot offend him.

He reminds me of my hemorrhoids, they pop out ever now and then and are a 
royal pain. Smear a little preparation H on them and they go away, only to 
return later. If you don't have them cut out, they will always return, a true 
pain in the ____! And full of _____ too!

I feel better now!


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