Florida "Habitat restoration" question

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Tue Apr 23 13:19:10 EDT 2002

--- MexicoDoug at aol.com wrote:
> Lepsters, I ran across this comment while reading the newswires, an
> wondered 
> if anyone has any first hand knowledge of this program.  There is
> nothing I 
> would like more than to see the exotic water-sucking trees removed
> from the 
> 'glades, but at first reading this potentially risky strategy did
> surprise 
> and bring to mind other gafs in ecological control history.  Any
> additional 
> info?
> Best...Doug Dawn
> Monterrey, Mexico
> [Bush's]His interior secretary, Gale Norton, joined the Earth Day 
> celebrations Monday by dedicating a new Florida research center for
> invasive 
> plants and releasing 10,000 exotic plant-eating bugs to help
> eradicate 
> melaleuca trees, an Australian species infesting 400,000 acres of
> Florida's 
> wetlands.

Unfortunetly natural predators has had more costly (in all senses of
the word) failures than successes. It certainly ambushed me. I am
checking and will get back with some background.


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